Fallback Sender Address

What is a fallback sender address?

A fallback sender address is a backup email address specified in case the original sender's address is unavailable or invalid. This address is used to send emails when the original sender's address fails. 

Where to find the 'fallback sender address' in Flowmailer

To set a fallback sender address, go to the 'Setup' menu > 'Settings'. In the 'Fallback sender address' box, fill out the necessary details:

  • Email address:
    The email address used to send emails when the original sender address is not set or is invalid.
  • Overwrite the sender's name:
    A checkbox in case you want to display a sender name.
  • Set Reply-To header if fallback is used:
    Uses the fallback sender address as a Reply-To header.
  • Name (when 'Overwrite sender name' is checked):
    The human-readable name that shows in the inbox.



When a sender address hasn't been set, a fallback address can be used as the default sender address for the emails being sent. For example, if no sender address is specified in an email client, the fallback address of noreply@example.com can be set by the administrator. All emails sent from the client will then be sent from noreply@example.com as the default sender address, ensuring that the recipient can reply to the email even if no sender address was specified.