Gmail Postmaster Best Practices

To improve the chances that emails from your domain are delivered to Gmail inboxes and not marked as spam, it is recommended to follow the following best practices:

  • Set up valid reverse DNS records for your IP addresses that point to your domain.
  • Align your SPF and DKIM records.
  • Use the same domain to send emails and host your website, and set up SPF and DKIM for this domain.
  • If possible, send all emails from the same IP address. If you must send from multiple IP addresses, use a different IP address for each type of message (e.g., separate IP addresses for account notifications and promotional messages).
  • Don't combine different types of content in the same message.
  • Use the same From email address for messages of the same category.
  • Regularly check that your domain is not listed as unsafe with Google Safe Browsing.
  • Do not send test phishing messages or test campaigns from your domain.
  • Do not impersonate other domains or senders without permission.
  • Messages from addresses in the recipient's Contacts list are less likely to be marked as spam.
  • If a legitimate message is marked as spam, the recipient can mark it as not spam to ensure future messages from the sender are delivered to their inbox.