Can we have a dedicated IP address?

Flowmailer does not advise on using dedicated IP addresses for deliverability purposes.
Short clarification as to why we don't offer dedicated IP addresses. At Flowmailer we take great care over the reputation of our sending IP addresses:

  1. We don't offer freemium accounts;
  2. We scan our customers before they're allowed to send however many emails they want;
  3. Our T&C does not allow for sending malpractices and allows us to intervene when there's a risk;
  4. We continuously monitor blacklisting and spam filtering of our IPs.

Dedicated IPs require a sender (like you) to maintain your own reputation. Our IPs are continuously kept at a very high sender reputation and its therefore not advised to get a dedicated IP if you don't have the volume (> 5,000,000/month) to build up and maintain a good reputation.