Account Settings

These are general settings for your account and the way data is presented. Here you can select the preferred template locale & time zone, default return path & web domains, and whether you're only allowed to send emails to recipients on your whitelist (not recommended if not actively maintained). The "Accountcolor" option changes the upper right profile menu to a color of your liking.

Fallback Sender Address

With these settings you can set up the fallback sender address [] in case the intended sender address does not work or in other specific cases where a fallback comes in handy. You can also opt to overwrite the sender name [Fallback Name {}]in this scenario.

Data Retention

Decide how long you want to archive your messages.There are two options for data retention:

·      Message details: Save only metadata (such as headers and time stamps)

·      Messagearchive: Saves the entire message with all of its original content (ideally for web versions)

Message archive has a limit of one year (1y / 6m / 3m/ 1m) whereas message details can be archived for up to 3 years.