About 'Templates'


Flowmailer supports the use of templates, allowing you design and send beautiful e-mails without having to build them in your source systems. Users have full control over their templates by editing HTML or using our WYSIWYG Quick editor for basic editing. We also provide full design, HTML and template scripting services to provide working solutions.

Our templates are based on the Freemarker template engine, which allows for template logic ranging from simple to very complex. Personalization, conditional content, (nested-) loops and much more. Flowmailer adds it's own functions such as <@onlineLinkUrl /> to make working with e-mail easier. Are you a developer? Just convert your existing in-memory order to JSON and send it to Flowmailer, we'll send a nice order confirmation to the customer.

Flowmailer also has unique capabilities in re-using content from the message that the source sends. This enables our customers to send great looking e-mails without having to change how the source system sends e-mail. We can just wrap the entire message with a header and footer or select specific parts (or even specific fields) from the original message.


Quick editor

Apart from the complex logic that our templates can contain, many templates are mostly just text and images with some embedded variables. Flowmailer allows for editing those parts of templates without any code editing at all, using our visual Quick editor.


Template engine


Rather than reinventing the wheel, Flowmailer chose to integrate the well known and freely available Freemarker engine as a basis for our templates. This means most of the syntax and built-ins supported by Flowmailer templates can also be found in their documentation. Flowmailer adds specific functions that are designed to help Flowmailer usecases, such as including 'view online' links and marking regions as editable using our Quick Editor.



Flowmailer supports templates in many situations. The most obvious one being HTML templates. But also, anywhere we want to make something more flexible, we use templates. For example, you can use all template functions described on this page for a Subject FlowStep, allowing you to use variables there or even add some conditional logic. Other places we have full template support include Text templates (also for SMS) and URLs settings in the External Content and External Data FlowSteps.

Please be aware that templates enable great flexibility, but you can also easily break things. Be careful when editing templates that are actively used. Flowmailer will verify the validity of templates when you save them, but some things can only be evaluated at runtime. If you do break something and cause an error, Flowmailer will send the affected messages to the "Held messages" list and raise a notification. You can then read the error message, fix the problem and choose to retry the held messages.