Message state: Complaint


A large number of email providers (such as Yahoo and Microsoft) offer their users the option of marking a sender (not a message!) as unwanted or spam. From that moment on, messages from that sender will be classified as spam. This means they may not even reach the inbox.

Thanks to what is called a Feedback loop, Flowmailer is notified whenever a recipient marks a sender as unwanted. Any future messages to that recipient will be considered spammy behavior. To avoid this, a Complaint is always added to the Recipient Filter (see Rejected).

The Complaint mechanism is not always used as intended. We often see that users are unaware of the consequences of marking a sender as unwanted. In other cases, the mechanism is used to signal discontent. If the sender and the recipient both agree that the emails are no longer unwanted, both parties have to act. The recipient should drag an ‘unwanted’ message to their inbox (signaling that the Complaint can be lifted). The sender has to remove the recipients’ addresses from the Recipient Filter.