What is 'Two Factor Authentication'?

Ever had malware or spyware on your computer? It happens to the best of us. What if some malicious browser 'toolbar' steals your Flowmailer login? The attacker would then potentially have access to all the e-mails you can access via the Flowmailer dashboard. But don't panic! Enabling two-factor authentication for your Flowmailer login means you need an additional one-time code to access the account. This code gets sent to your mailbox which only you should be able to access. This extra security layer helps keep your data safe, even when your credentials get stolen.


Setting up 2FA for your Flowmailer-account

It's straightforward to add two-factor authentication to your Flowmailer account. Go to the Profile menu in the top right corner (see image). This opens a screen where you can reset your password (do that every so often, too!) and a checkbox for two-factor authentication.

Once opted for 2FA, an email with a verification code is sent to the email address that belongs to this account.