Event Flows (Submitting a new message based on the recipient’s behavior)

If you would like to start a new Flow in Flowmailer after your recipient has clicked on a specific link in the initial e-mail or any other behavior by the recipient, this is the way to go. For the sake of having a proper example we will follow the route of submitting a new message in Flowmailer when the recipient has clicked on a certain link in the body of the email.

First you would have to determine which link should trigger the Event Flow. When you have chosen this link, you will need to specify the link in the Event Flow itself.

Setting up the Event Flow conditions

In the setup you will have to apply a condition. In this case choose “click”. The next step is to click on the “advanced” tab. It will show you the conditions that you can apply. Be aware that in order to trigger the Event all conditions have to be met.

You can specify the URL you have chosen to trigger the event. It is possible to narrow it down by filling in the other necessary conditions.


Setting up the “submit new message” flowstep

It is important that you create a new flow with a flowselector. Also remember the Source you have applied to this follow-up flow as that will be important when setting up the Event Flow. When setting up, feel free to apply any flowstep you desire to your flow. Now save the settings and go back to your event flow.


When you are back in the Event Flow, you can now select and setup the submit new message flowstep. At first when you open this flowstep it will appear empty. You need to click on advanced and select the same source as the follow up message flow.


Once you have selected the right source. Go back to the main tab, fold open the list of flowselectors and select the flow you would like to trigger.


Click on OK and save your Event Flow. Now you are ready to trigger new messages when your behavior matches the conditions in the Event Flow. Before launching this, test it yourself to make sure that it does exactly what you want.


Good luck!